About Us

How we started

Having worn silk and cotton ties for almost twenty years I was growing increasingly bored of regular ties. Nothing, no matter what, was interesting to me. I resented the novelty cotton tie christmas presents, annoying creases and the difficulties involved in cleaning them. I needed a change.

That's when I thought about wooden ties. Yes, wooden ties! Wood ties can be made from sections of wood connected with an elastic cord. They are stylish, cool and a great conversation starter. Everyone will remember who you are. Furthermore, wood ties are easier to put on then regular ties, do not get creased and make interesting presents. Stains can be washed off in an instant and say goodbye to creases.

What we do

We want to bring the best quality wooden ties to all our customers within the UK and Europe. We exclusively offer Woodknot ties which have been expertly crafted in the USA. Our excellent gift wrapping service option ensures that our wood ties will always make the perfect gift. We also cater for wholesale orders.