"Tiger Grain" Wood Tie

"Tiger Grain" Wood Tie
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"Tiger Grain" Wood Tie

This natural wood tie uses the highest quality wood and has an excellent touch and finish.

Each wood tie uses a multiple piece design so that it can naturally conform and fit wearers of all shapes and sizes. Each wooden piece is connected by a single elastic cord which stretches over the wearer's head and rests under the collar. If you try to displace one of the wooden pieces, the elastic cord will ensure that, once released, it falls back into its original position.

The tie can be easily adjusted to achieve a comfortable feel. This can be done either temporarily through the use of a loop or permanently by clipping any excess cord. Wooden ties are straight forward to look after - unlike tradtional ties they do not require ironing and do not stain easily. This said, its wearer may desire to use some furniture polish from time to time to maintain the finish. Full detailed instructions on fitting and tie care are included with every tie.

Wooden ties are truely novel fashion accessories and make perfect uniquie gifts!